Me Phi is a men and women’s street wear boutique located in Tempe, AZ. It is owned and operated by Derek Bourque and Javon Walker, two life-long friends who share a passion for fresh clothes and nice kicks. After traveling around the country and spending time in street wear shops in cities like New York, San Francisco, and L.A., the two began developing plans to open their own boutique in their adopted home state of Arizona.

"Our Story"
Co-Owners Derek Bourque and Javon Walker discuss the origins of Me Phi.

The name Me Phi was the moniker given to our crew as we grew up together in Lafayette, LA. All nine members (Javon, our seven friends, and I) have known each other since grade school and have formed an unbreakable bond throughout the years. While attending college, we often frequented school events hosted by fraternities and sororities. If you saw one of us, then it was a good bet that the rest of us weren’t far behind. We traveled in a pack. Though technically we don’t all share blood in the literal sense, our bond is stronger than anything a shared gene pool could create. They say blood is thicker than water - but in our case, Brotherhood is stronger than DNA. The term “Me Phi Me“, later shortened to “Me Phi“, loosely translates as “All for one, one for all”.

Me Phi is about family, loyalty, and most importantly staying true to yourself and the loved one’s around you. We pride ourselves on being unique, creative, and bold - qualities which we feel are essential in the street wear industry. We encourage people to speak their minds because biting your tongue is overrated. Unlike traditional fraternities there is no membership fee, no initiation, and no hazing. We welcome all individuals who aspire to be more than simply average. Welcome to the fold and we hope you enjoy being part of our crew!

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